Anti Hate 

The news has been full of tragic stories over the past couple of days. First, a 22 year old singer was shot and killed at her concert, and now 50 people have been shot and killed in a night club. This has left me feeling sick and devastated for the past 48 hours. Yes, I’m angry, but I will not act out.

I will not succumb to hate. I am sending prayers to the people hurting from these tragedies. I’m praying that the violence will cease to exist, and tragedy will be no more. I am hugging my loved ones, and will continue to offer support. I know that the fault doesn’t lie with one race or religion. Whether you are Christian, Muslim, atheist, gay, straight, colored, or white, I stand with you.

We are all part of the human race, and the majority of us want to love peacefully. We should be allowed to live and love peacefully. United we stand.

Fight with love, and be kind always.


Author: sailthroughmythoughts

My name is Megan, and I am twenty years old. I started my blog, Sail Through My Thoughts, because I want people to be able to find inspiration and comfort in whatever situation they are in.

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