Random Thoughts 

There is so much on my mind right now. I have a lot of really important decisions to make when it comes to college, jobs, and relationships. Just like everyone else my age, I’m pretty much a hot mess. In the midst of all this stuff on my mind, I still manage to fit in some really weird thoughts. I’ve recorded a few of my completely random thoughts. I hope you enjoy.

1. How strange is it that our brains know so little about themselves? Our brains are literally trying to figure themselves out.

2. If alternate universes exist, there’s another me out there. What if the alternate me and I hate each other?

3. Growing up, I thought porcupines would be a huge problem. I’ve never seen a porcupine in my life.

4. How did singing ever become a thing? Why do we just prolong words while holding our breath? I think singing is great, but it’s weird when you think about it. 

5. If you’re heavily pierced and tattooed, you will be considered unprofessional in some cultures, but perfectly normal in others. Cultures are pretty cool.

6. In dreams, it’s pretty weird that people are rarely aware of the fact that they’re dreaming.

7. Language is so cool. We made abstract squiggles and sounds mean something.

8. We let pieces of paper and coins dictate our lives, and make us do things we would never normally do. Money would mean absolutely nothing if we didn’t assign value to it. 

9. Do fish know they’re wet? Do they know the difference between wet and dry?

10. Do plants feel pain? Does it hurt trees when leaves fall down?

11. What does nothing look like?

12. Where do all of the thoughts go that I can’t remember?

13. A lot of people have been in the situation where they’re too short to ride roller coasters. Giraffes would have the opposite problem. Giraffes are too tall to ride roller coasters.

14. Why is hair even considered attractive? It is literally just keratinized protein that grows out of people’s heads. 

15. It’s pretty weird to think about the fact that animals don’t really have ambitions the way people do. While people care about job promotions and buying unnecessary tangible objects, animals mainly care about survival and reproduction. It makes me question the difference between surviving and living, and if animals or people are happier.

Those are just a few of the random thoughts that float through my head. I would really love to hear your feedback. Do you ever wonder about these things? Do you have a completely different random thought to share? Comment below and let me know!


Author: sailthroughmythoughts

My name is Megan, and I am twenty years old. I started my blog, Sail Through My Thoughts, because I want people to be able to find inspiration and comfort in whatever situation they are in.

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